Hip Flexor Stretch

The hip flexor muscle is a region that has become a lot of at risk of tightness attributable to trendy habits. lots of individuals sit in an exceeding chair for eight hours daily, and infrequently a chair that doesn’t enable you to stay sensible posture all day either. The results of this can be that your hip flexors can become tighter and be in danger for a strain unless you perform stretches. currently, ideally, you must be performing arts these stretches on a daily basis for a minimum of five minutes, if you’ll do up to ten or quarter-hour even higher.


Stretches Lying Down


         This is an excellent stretch to start out off with as a result of it is so mild and natural for your leg. To perform it all you wish to try and do is take off lying down on your back, try and take some slow, relaxed breaths till your body become relaxed. Once you’re feeling prepared to elevate up one amongst your legs, enable your knee to bend, then place each your hands simply behind the knee and gently pull upwards towards your chest till you’re feeling an honest stretch. you’ll hold this stretch as long as you would like, usually counseled is around twenty seconds then try and go more once a brief break. A key factor to notice concerning this stretch is that if you’re feeling any hip flexor muscle pain, stop directly.


Stretches Sitting


         Many people at the start classify this as a groin stretch, however, bear in mind a number of the Hip flexor muscle muscles are thought-about groin muscles, that is part why this can be an excellent stretch. Secondly, if you’ve got extremely tight striated muscle muscles you’ll conjointly stretch those during this position.

          To perform the butterfly stretch sit on the ground along with your legs extended. Begin by shaking out your legs and taking a couple of deep breaths. To initiate the stretch pull in each your legs till the bottoms of your feet air touching, this could force your knees out. Increase the stretch PRN by swinging your hands on your feet and pushing down on your knees. Hold for twenty seconds then shake out your legs {again|once a lot of} and repeat once or doubly more. **Note: try and keep your lower back straight, you must not be rounding error your back and hunching over throughout the stretch.


Stretches – Standing


        Standing stretches ar wonderful at targeting the inner core muscles round the girdle region. Here ar 2 of the most effective stretches you must incorporate into your stretching.




         You may have seen this one before as a result of it’s one amongst the most effective Hip flexor muscle stretches. the rationale for this can be that it works, and is price reiterating.

          Perform this stretch by standing upright at the start, then taking an oversized however snug success. Next, descend into a lunge position wherever your front knee is at AN roughly ninety-degree angle. currently push your lower hips forward till you’re feeling the stretch and hold the position for up to thirty seconds. simply three sets of this stretch alone can do wonders for your flexibility.


Lunge Twist


         This final stretch is analogous to the lunge stretch on top of, however with a complicated twist thereon. it’ll look terribly the same as a lunge, however, instead, you’ll enable your back leg knee to rest on the bottom. try and keep your higher trunk upright then elevate the arm of the down leg over your head. you’ll recognize directly if you’re doing this properly, as this stretch targets many of your muscles, even the laborious to succeed in Tensor connective tissue Late.


Static Stretches    



        This is a special style of stretches performed employing a resistance band or tube that may be used each as a stretch and strengthening exercise at a similar time. To perform you wish to connect one finish of the band to a wall or anchor purpose and therefore the different finish to your articulatio plana. Next, elevate up your knee as high as you’ll and hold the position for 10-15 seconds. you must not solely feel a stretch, however conjointly fatigue in your Hip Flexors.


Hip flexor muscle Stretches outline


       To recap, you are doing not have to be compelled to perform each single one amongst these exercises on a daily basis. hear your body and the way it responds once every week or 2 of stretching and modify consequently. If you stick with an honest schedule I’m assured you’ll see unimaginable enhancements in your hip quality doing simply a couple of-of those Hip flexor muscle stretches and forestall a possible injury.

         Information is power; you owe it to yourself and your body’s health to grasp your injuries. If you’re able to perceive injuries, you’ll diagnose them quicker, treat them higher, and recovery to the best attainable levels.




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