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Good life fitness

Talking about good life fitness may force us to speak first about what does it mean to be physically fit! And is it only a speech of diet and nutrition system? Or should it be an entire life program we have to live with, in order to be healthy and happy?

Many people go through hard diet programs with an intense exercises calling that a good life fitness. The truth is that the program that does not cause a healthy life and a happy mind cannot be counted as a good life fitness! We should learn more about our bodies and their requirements in order to know what the suitable good life fitness for us is.

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Good life fitness depends mainly on two axes:


Daily exercises


These two axes contain a lot of programs and tables. Just few of them based on right rules and good healthy principles, while the major number of others depends on untrusted sources and advices that ruins your life!

 How can nutrition be a part of good life fitness?

There are always wide lines that everybody knows about nutrition, eating vegetables, fruits, avoiding fast food, avoiding a lot of fries…

Still, there are many advices about nutrition can help you in your good life fitness, let us tell you some:

Chewing food slowly helps you not only in decreasing the amount of food you eat (by taking longer time in having your meal, you will unawares have less amount of food in each one) not only that as we said, but also it helps you in testing your food and interesting it much more! In addition, chewing food improves the function of stomach and intestines by helping it and delivering well chewed food to it.

Taking as much tiny meals as you can helps you to have less amount in each meal; you may think that less food is better for your diet! The truth is that less amount of food in each meal is much better than having the whole amount in one meal. This will also help the body to avoid the indigestion and other stomach and intestines problems.

The value of breakfast is well known for every one of us, the problem is that we have the wrong amount of food in the breakfast meal, although it has to be just like its name: BREAK FAST. You have to make this meal as healthy as you can, not as big as you can! Otherwise, you will start your day with a full, lazy stomach!

good life fitness2Avoid having your meal while you are standing, this will force you to make it uncounted! While your stomach counted it!

There are always special situations that requires special advices, each one has to consult the special nutritionist for its condition.


How can exercises be a part of good life fitness?


Here we come to the interesting part! We absolutely heard (or even lived ourselves) about people who trained a lot with no results! About those who followed hard programs with intense sport that affect their social life badly because of the big amount of disappointing that they do not want to share with anybody! And as in nutrition, there are some wide lines, and some special advices:

First of all, you are not an athlete, you are just a person who want some good life fitness for healthy living. This means that you must set some achievable goals for you (winning the marathon is not one of them anyway!)

Killing yourself by exercises is not the goal itself! The goal is to get used of these exercises, so you need to start exercising wisely. This wisdom can be get from exercise expert and body muscles expert that help you to burn some certain fats.

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There are many exercises that help you for your six pack, button, legs, midsection…. But what you would never notice, is that your tight hip flexors are the real problem in your diet program! May be because many therapist or physician cannot identify your tight hip flexors that buried inside your abdomen. This makes it the basic cause of any failure in your exercise table to get the belly that you want.

Routine and static hip flexors stretching are really helpful. The problem is that the deep position of the hip flexors makes it harder to be reached by some simple stretching exercises. We may be able to help you in this one! Check out our key to get to your hip flexors and unlock them in this link:

You can find many advices about the right exercise for your hip flexors and hamstrings, also you will find many nutrition advices. In simple words: you can learn more about the right good life fitness.

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Just like in nutrition section, there are always special advices for special situations and bodies. Your work is one of the factors that affect the nature of exercises you have to practice! Many other factors are very well known for us, such as being a pregnant woman or having a new surgery! These are all factors affect the success or the failure of your good life fitness, and may even make it dangerous for your body!

Before getting the right and suitable program for you, you must get to know your body, your muscles, their willing and what they are not capable of doing! All these notes have to be considered in your good life fitness.

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