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human-natureTo have a full grasp of our true Human nature, it is necessary to understand something of the nature of energy, for within that concept lies the secret of our existence. This, in turn, is the key to understanding not only why we behave as we do, but also, how we are now able to change our lives for the better.

            If you ask an atheist whether they accept the existence of magnetism, they will invariably say ‘Of course’, and will probably look at you with an air of condescending tolerance. Ask them if they accept the existence of gravity, electricity or steam, and the response will be similar. Now ask if they can see

magnetism. Many will ignore the preciseness of the question and say you can see magnetism by the way it attracts other metals, metal filings or pins for example.

The conversation will probably go something like  this:

‘Do you know much about magnetism?’ ‘A fair bit.’

‘Can you see magnetism?’ ‘Of course, you can!’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Of course, I am! Every kid who did experiments at school with magnets, pins and metal filings etc. has seen magnetism! ‘Okay. I understand your answer, but the question was, ‘Can you see magnetism?’ – Seeing magnetism is one thing, but seeing its effects is another.’

‘See it? Oh … I suppose not. But you certainly know it’s there.’


         If you hold a pencil out from your body and let it go, it will drop onto whatever is below it.

As with magnetism, it is the effects of gravity that are visible,

not gravity itself.


          What this action plus the above conversation illustrate is that the existence of any form of energy is only apparent by the effects it creates and one of those effects is human emotion. A bit left the field, but true nevertheless.

        The Steam Age demonstrated the benefits of harnessing the energy inherent in steam, yet you cannot see it – vapor yes, but not steam. The energy known as steam is invisible – it is transparent and colorless. Many people mistakenly think that what they see coming out of a boiling kettle is steam, but it is water vapor created by the steam contacting the cooler atmosphere. It is only when the vaporization occurs when steam comes into contact with the air that one is aware of the presence of steam – but you see the vapor, not the steam. Once again, you only know it is there by the effect it has created.

          Electricity is another valuable form of energy, the harnessing of which has provided countless benefits. To harness electricity effectively you need a conductor for it to travel along and to enable it to be insulated and controlled. Once again, you cannot see the energy called electricity; you can only observe its effects, for good or bad. When you see lightning, which is only an enormous spark, you are seeing a phenomenon created by electricity, not electricity itself.

         As valuable as electricity is in our present society, it is a relatively crude form of energy when compared with magnetism.  Not as crude as steam, for example, but still relatively crude. Electricity can be insulated by a material such as rubber, and also requires a conductor, whereas magnetism is a highly refined form of energy that does not require a conductor.

          The same rubber that insulates electricity is no barrier to magnetism. If you do not have subjective reality on this, put a magnet on one side of a piece of rubber and a pin on the other side, directly opposite the magnet. The pin will remain in place.

        Naturally enough, the strength of the magnet, the thickness of the rubber, and the weight of the object have to be taken into consideration. A magnet, a piece of glass and a steel ball bearing will produce the same result.  As you move the magnet, the ball bearing will follow on the other side of the glass. Even the various bits of information and photographs that are held in the household refrigerator attest to the nature of magnetism.

         One of the limitations of magnetism is that it will only affect ferrous metals; it can only attract or repel such metals. Copper, for example, is immune to the effects of magnetism. Another limitation of magnetism is that it can be overridden by gravity, except when concentrated  locally. Gravity is demonstratively a far more potent form of energy, for there is no material object on this planet immune to the effects of gravity. Every minute speck of matter is on or on our planet simply because of the existence and strength of gravity.

       Different forms of energy vary in effectiveness, and it is their effectiveness that classifies them. Take steam, electricity and even gravity for examples. Gravity is an integral component of this planet. It is also an integral component of our solar system, for it is the pushing and pulling of gravitational forces between and within the bodies of  our solar system that keep it in balance.

        A magnet can, to some degree, overcome the force of gravity of the planet. It can, for example, hold an object in suspension so that the object does not fall. In the same manner, planet Earth can, to some degree, overcome the forces of gravity that bind our solar system.


        Likewise, the solar system can, to a degree, overcome the gravitational pull and push of the physical universe as a whole.

To give you more understanding of this, if you do not have that reality already, go outside one clear night and inspect the sky – the universe around us.

       The force holding in place the myriad objects twinkling there is the same force that holds our solar system together.


       Accepting the fact that all the celestial bodies in the physical universe are moving in relation to one another is simply accepting the fact that the forces of gravitational energy are still in the process of trying to find a balance. It is like putting a heap of iron filings in a magnetic field: they will move around until equilibrium is established.

        The same thing occurs when a magnetic compass is disturbed: the needle will swing back and forth until it settles again, pointing to the magnetic North. How long it takes to resume its northerly aspect is dependent on the inertia of the needle and the strength of the magnetic field.

        An object without its own energy source is said to be inanimate, meaning it requires an outside source of energy if it is to change its position.  This is demonstratively apparent in the case of a stone lying on the ground. That stone, a part of the physical universe, will never change its position in relation to its surroundings unless some energy is applied to it. This is true of any inanimate object. No matter how expansively you extrapolate the concept, a material object will not move without some form of energy being applied to it. Isaac Newton did extensive research in this area.

       Two logical questions now arise: ‘Where does the physical universe come from?’ and ‘Where does energy come  from?


      Let us have another look at magnetism and its relationship to electricity. Although electricity can be created chemically, such as in a torch battery, it has only become a commercial proposition because a generator can create it mechanically. An electric generator has a  ferrous metal core around which is wound non-ferrous material – copper wire. This is then rotated mechanically in a magnetic field, in other words between magnets.

        It is the movement of the copper wire within the magnetic field that creates the electric flow within the wire, for it is the changing position of the magnetic field in relation to the wire that causes the generation of electricity. A stationary wire with a magnetic field passing over it will have the same effect.

       Conversely, ferrous metal can be induced by a magnetic field by applying electricity to it, so you can see that both electricity and magnetism go hand in hand, but each is dependent on the other. If you look into this a little more deeply, revolving the copper wire requires harnessing some other form of energy – a steam engine, a diesel engine or even a human body. You are not really creating energy, but simply changing it into a more manageable  form.

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